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Refractory Products and Applications

Because of their high temperature stability, refractory products serve as essential parts of heating furnaces, reactors and transport vessels that are often exposed to temperatures well above 1,000C and environments that are corrosive, erosive, abrasive and/or thermal-mechanically stressed.  Industries served include metal, glass, ceramic and gas-solid processing.  Our products come in aggregate form as well as a variety of shapes and sizes such as lining bricks, hollow tubes, nozzles, support stands, plates (solid or with opening), rollers and crucibles.  Custom shapes and sizes are available.  Chemical compatibility, ceramic phase structure and physical properties of our refractory products such as density, porosity, non-wettability to molten metal, mechanical strength and stability are tailored by state-of-the-art composition and preparation method for specific application.

Table below highlights some typical applications, properties required of the refractory products and the main material(s) that make up the composition.

Applications Important Properties Main Material(s)
Magnesia Alumina Silica Zirconia Silicon Carbide
Furnace heat insulating bricks Low thermal conductivity


High refractoriness
Heat regenerator checker bricks for glass fusion and steel furnaces Good heat storage


Corrosion resistance against alkaline exhaust
Sprayable aggregates or bricks for lining molten iron and steel vessel Corrosion resistance against steel melt

Opening valves for molten metal vessel Thermal shock resistance      

Erosion resistance
Corrosion resistance
Refractory lining for glass fusion furnace Corrosion resistance against glass melt    
Working lining for non-ferrous metal processing, e.g. aluminum, copper, zinc. Corrosion resistance against molten metal        
Furnace roofing bricks Creep resistance        
Industrial kiln furniture Thermal shock resistance      
Feed nozzles for fluidized bed furnace Thermal shock resistance        
Abrasion resistance
Crucibles for metallurgy Thermal shock resistance    
Corrosion resistance