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High Technology Ceramic and Refractory Products

ALPHA MATERIALS, INC. is a privately-owned American company located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.  We partner with leading manufacturers in China to deliver high technology ceramic and refractory products that are also price competitive.  Materials include zirconia, alumina, silica, quartz, magnesia, graphite, silicon carbide and their combinations.  Market industries include metallurgy, advanced ceramic manufacturing, and high technology equipment manufacturing.


SLEEQ, advanced silicon carbide kiln shelves


beta silicon carbide nano-powder


aluminum-(silicon carbide) advanced substrates

bullet silicon carbide crucibles

Our Mission and Philosophy

ALPHA MATERIALS, INC. strives to be the leading provider of high technology ceramic and refractory products at competitive prices.  We believe in maintaining friendly customer service and competent technical support to our clients, not just carrying out transactions.  We listen to our clients and provide assistance relevant to their needs.  We aim to help our clients explore new technology, open new business ventures or elevate their art by providing them support materials that are budget sensitive.  We also aim to help our clients lower operational cost by providing materials that are price competitive and consistent in technical quality.

Company Profile

Our manufacturers are:


ISO 9002 certified


World-class facilities, many of which are joint venture with corporations from Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea and other countries


New facilities built in the 1990s


Conveniently located in the mining cities along the coast of China, allowing lower raw material and transportation cost


Exporting worldwide


Alpha Materials, Inc.
Supplier of silicon carbide nano powder, substrate fabrication, kiln furniture, crucibles and other ceramic products.